Inspiration Behind the Album

My EP, It's Only Natural, is all about change. For me, change is a natural thing that I embraced with open arms as I started my musical journey. I say naturally because I have always felt a connection to music but I never fully immersed myself until I decided to dip my toe into the waters of the music industry. It was very cathartic to release my EP and to express my voice and my feelings. I have always welcomed change and will keep welcoming it as I continue my magical and mystical musical journey.


 4 O'clock (In the Morning)

This is the first song on my EP. The inspiration behind this song is about being up until four in the morning as thoughts race through my mind. I was up one night thinking about my music career and the crazy journey that I was about to embark on. I couldn't turn my mind off and I couldn't combat all the thoughts racing through my head. So, I started writing. I wrote about these thoughts and the questions I had about my music and whether I would be successful.

In the bridge of the song, I question myself: Will I ever make it as a musician? Are dreams only dreams or can dreams become reality? These questions also have a double meaning: Will I fail as a musician or will I reach my dreams? Am I going to outshine the crowds? Am I going to lay this down?

I fell in love with the music-box-theme of this song. I did all the instrumentals myself as I have been playing piano for years. The piano is very prominent in all my music and I keep practicing and learning every day to improve my skills and my talent.

This song is immensely personal as it addresses numerous doubts that I have. I loved writing about something this personal because I believe we all doubt ourselves and the choices we make at some point. However, I also believe that reaching my dreams is possible and I strive to do so every day.



This song is a tragic love song. It draws parallels between myself and my ex-boyfriend, comparing our relationship to fireworks and flames that shine bright but fizzle out in the end. I sing about how "the colors shine so bright" but only momentarily. I compare our relationship to when we were at our best and when we were at our worst. Again, this is a personal piece of my life and I'm not afraid to speak up about the indecent parts of my relationship and how my ex-boyfriend and I fell apart in the end.

Just like a firework, the flame burns out and brings out the shadows of the relationship. Love is bright and blinding which is thrilling but, ultimately, dangerous. Even though we tried and we tried, the spark was momentary and the moment was fleeting. Every time my ex-boyfriend and I would get back together, there would be a boom and a bright spark but that always faded and I couldn't stay any longer. Everything would be great, loud, bright, and explosive but only for a second because we both knew that we're going to fall back down again.

From a musical standpoint, I tried to make the reverb in the second bridge of the song sound like actual fireworks exploding. I loved working on this song because it allowed me to express my true feelings and helped me understand that sometimes I need to let go of the seemingly bright and beautiful to make way for the real fire.


It's Only Natural

This song closely relates to the title of my EP and the idea of change being natural. My ex-boyfriend wouldn't allow me to change and grow. He would constantly tell me: You're a different person now. You're not who you used to be. I was baffled because I always thought the change was a good thing. I could never understand why I wasn't allowed to grow and evolve as an individual. So, one day, I decided to confront him and told him to stop giving me a hard time for the person that I am developing

Just because I want something else, doesn't mean I'm running off and becoming a different person. I am merely evolving and becoming the person I want to be while holding onto my roots.

Overall, this EP allowed me to embrace change and to evolve as I furthered my music career and myself. I still have doubts that keep me up at night but I continue to hold my head high, work hard, and push forward to achieve my dreams. I am excited about my musical journey and I know that as I change, grow, and learn, I will achieve everything I've ever dreamed of.